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Santa Maria Bail Bonds

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 4:50 PM
Learning how to navigate the process when someone gets arrested in Santa Maria, or by the Santa Maria Police department can be stressful.  Anyone arrested in Santa Maria by the Police Department will be taken to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff department jail on Foster.  The Foster facility is very quick to book someone, and release within 2 hours or less.  Of course this depends on staffing and arrest to handle.  If someone is booked at the Foster facility, they are more likely going to be transported to the Main Jail in Santa Barbara after some time.  This can cause a delay in the release process if you are trying to post bail for a family or friend.  

The best way to monitor there booking process is by giving us a call.  We will periodically check on there process, and as soon as they have finished that booking process, we will know what the bail bond amount is for your family or friend.

To learn more about posting bail at the Santa Barbara County jail foster station after an arrest by Santa Maria Police Department, call 805-937-5002.  

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