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Bail Bonds In Oxnard

Posted on December 22, 2014 at 12:01 PM Comments comments ()
If someone you know has been caught up for a crime, and you know that they are not guilty of charge, then you should most definitely help them get out of jail. Now how would you do that safely? You need to contact a bail bond or bail bondsmen.
Bail Bond agents are companies that will go about as a surety and vow cash or property as bail for the presence of persons charged in court. You are not allowed to leave the "jail" unless your documents have been marked for lawful release by the Bail Bondsman. In spite of the fact that banks, insurance agencies and other comparable foundations generally provide with the sureties on different sorts of agreement, such units are hesitant to put their investors' or policyholders' trusts at the sort of danger which is included in posting a bail bond.
Bail Bond agents are ordinarily in the business to help innocent people get out of the jail. None of the human beings is perfect; they all make mistakes. So if someone unintentionally or unknowingly made a mistake, they shouldn’t be made to suffer as much as an individual who actually committed a crime. That is why some bail bonds are made to assist these people. 
You can contact Oxnard Bail bonds if you know someone whom you want to help, and you think that they don’t deserve being imprisoned in jail. Kindly just contact Bail Bonds in Oxnard, and they will certainly help you out as it is their job to let humans live, and provide relief for them. If you can’t pay the heavy ransoms, then call us!
We are here at your service. Arriving in a prison is not so simple and getting out rapidly is not possible even unless you are able to pay the heavy amounts to the Jail Department by yourself. For people who can’t, we’re here to assist them.

This implies that you may need to make use of the Bail bonds in Oxnard, whose residents are known for their professionalism, consideration and devotion to giving you the best client administrations.

Bail Bonds Posting at Oxnard Police Department

Posted on December 11, 2014 at 4:01 PM Comments comments ()
Bail bond posting at the Oxnard Police Department can take a lot quicker process when posted at the jail.  The staff at the Oxnard Police Department will usually process the arrested individual within an hour or so.  This is due to the time constraints they are under to not have to many detainees at the Oxnard Jail, as it operates under a small capacity.  

This is important to know especially when your family or friend was arrested in the city of Oxnard, they should attempt to bail them out quickly from the Oxnard Police Department, prior to being transported to the Ventura County Main Jail in Ventura, California.

In most instances, the arrested individual can have bail posted after booking within an hour or less, so they can go home and attend to there normal return.

For more questions about bail, one can call our Oxnard Bail Bonds hotline at 805-639-0023d

Oxnard Police Department

Posted on January 16, 2014 at 1:55 AM Comments comments ()
So you find yourself in the city of Oxnard, California and encounter a need for a bail bond in oxnard.  Will the city of Oxnard operates its small jail for bookings, but not for overnight housing of inmates.  The booking process upon arrest may take anywhere from 1 hour to several which can depend on the workload of the staff.  Most bookings are pre-booked via the Ventura County Sheriff Jail system, which issues a docket case number so if they do not get out from the Oxnard Police Department, the booking process may be cut down when they are transported to the main jail in ventura.   The Oxnard Police Department has jail staff dedicated to bookings and transportation if the inmates are not posting an oxnard bail bond.  It is always recommended that if a family or friend is arrested by the Oxnard Police Department, that they post bail at the facility rather then wait for transport to the county jail.  The Oxnard Police Department accepts oxnard bail bonds 24 hours a day and holidays from licensed bail bondsman who have a business tax license issued by the city of Oxnard.  If the Oxnard Police Department does not have a business tax certificate on file, the oxnard bail bond will not be accepted by the bail bonds agency, therefore causing a delay in the release of the family or friend.  Make sure that if you are looking to post an oxnard bail bond at the Oxnard Police Department, that the bail agency has a valid license.  How would you find out, just ask.  If they say for example they do not have bail agents available to post an oxnard bail bonds at the Oxnard Police Department, its possible that they do not have a city of Oxnard business license on file.  For more information on posting an oxnard bail bond at the Oxnard Police Department, please Call me, Martin Basaldua a licensed professional bail bondsman since 1995. Phone number to call for an oxnard bail bond is 805-639-0023 or toll free 1-877-955-2245.  Posting bail is my profession, and posting bail can be done anywhere in California with additional bail cost. 

Bail after arrest

Posted on January 14, 2014 at 3:37 AM Comments comments ()
So you posted bail for a family or friend, now what.  Will when you first posted bail, the person that was released on bail will have a future court date, which will be on the bail receipt and possibly a form the jail uses.  Make sure to make not only your first appearance, but any other appearances you are ordered to appear until you are sentenced, or the charges are dismissed. While on bail, keep in mind that any time you are arrested while on bail will most likely increase the bail on the new charges.  In addition, your previous bail may be revoked by the person that posted your bail.  If the family or friend that one has posted bail is arrested again while on bond, it is of most importance to notify the bail bonds agency of the new arrest so proper steps can be made to avoid forfieture or most common, failure to appear on that first bond posted.  Most courts in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles to name a few also may revoke the bail after the defendant appears on new charges in custody and discharge the bail bond previously posted and request bail increase on those charges as well.  When you need answers 24/7 for bail bonds in ventura, bail bonds in santa barbara, bail bonds in oxnard, bail bonds in santa paula, bail bonds in los angeles or other cities in Ventura, Santa Barbara or Los Angeles counties, please call toll free 1-877-955-2245 for immediate assistance, or locally 805-641-2245 and 818-980-2245.

Christmas Bail Bonds

Posted on December 25, 2013 at 12:19 PM Comments comments ()
This Christmas and every year, there is always an increase in public safety for drunk driving enforcement.  Keep our communities safe and designate a driver.  Many police departments will have saturated patrols including Oxnard Police Department, Port Hueneme Police Department, Santa Paula Police Department, Ventura CHP, Santa Barbara Police Department and more.  This Christmas when things seemed to go ok, and a mistake is made, we will be open Christmas for your calls and questions.  The booking process for many jails will be the same despite efforts to curb drunk drivers on the road, especially for first time offenders will be released if they are properly licensed and live within the county that they were arrested for first time offender drunk driving.   

For any questions on Ventura bail bonds, Oxnard bail bonds, Santa Paula bail bonds, Santa Barbara bail bonds or beyond, please call 24/7 at 805-639-0023 or toll free 1-877-955-2245.

Los Angeles County Booking Process for bail bonds

Posted on December 4, 2013 at 8:34 PM Comments comments ()
Los Angeles bail bonds process is similar to many other counties.  You have an arresting agency take the detainee to a local police station for booking, this may vary depending on size of the police agency in Los Angeles County. Both Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County Sheriff book inmates through the same booking database, which is  When you have a family or friend arrested in Los Angeles county, its important to find out the arresting agency so they can be monitored during the booking process.  If the arresting agency is any other then the Los Angeles Police Department or Los Angeles Sheriff, then booking information might not be on In order to post a los angeles bail bonds, the inmate would have to be booked before the agency accepts the bail bond.  Release is also a process based on the detention center that is holding the detainee.  For more information about an inmate in Los Angeles county, please call us at 818-980-2245.  Posting bail bonds for los angeles county cities include culver city bail bonds, santa monica bail bonds, el segundo bail bonds, Huntington beach bail bonds, Manhattan beach bail bonds, Hawthorne Bail Bonds, Beverly Hills Bail Bonds, Van Nuys Bail bonds, Lost Hills sheriff station bail bonds, woodland hills bail bonds, and other Los Angeles county bail bonds.

Santa Barbara Bail Bonds

Posted on November 21, 2013 at 12:28 PM Comments comments ()
If a family or friend is ever arrested in santa barbara, and needs a santa barbara bail bonds, keep the following in mind.

1. If they are taken to the main jail, booking process can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours before bail can be posted.
2. As soon as they are arrested, it is best to call us in order to monitor the booking process, and keep you updated via phone, text or email.
3. Make sure to obtain as much identifying information on your family or friend, full name, date of birth, police agency that arrested them.  
4. Upon booking, the santa barbara bail bond can be posted, but up to an additional 4 hours could take for release after the bail bond is accepted by the holding facility.
5. If its a city police department, most agencies such as the lompoc police department or santa maria police department having a booking and bail process in a substantially lessor time.  If they are detain in a city jail, you are at an advantage of getting your family or friend release a lot sooner.

For additional questions, please call us toll free 1-877-955-2245, or locally 805-639-0023.

Oxnard Bail Bonds

Posted on November 12, 2013 at 1:11 PM Comments comments ()
Oxnard police department takes oxnard bail bonds after there booking process 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and holidays.  If at all, always attempt to post bail for your family or friend from the Oxnard Police Department.  The process is a lot faster and more efficient.  Keep in mind, if bail is not posted at the Oxnard Police Station, upon transfer to the county of ventura main jail, the process will take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours from booking to release on a ventura bail bond posting.

Oxnard Police Booking Process

Posted on November 5, 2013 at 11:09 PM Comments comments ()
When a family or friend is arrested by the Oxnard Police Department, keep in mind of the following.  1. From the time of arrest to actual booking it takes approximately 2-4 hours depending on the staff work load. 2. They will have an opportunity to call a family, friend or oxnard bail bonds agency. 3. Oxnard police department will normally hold those arrested for a few hours if they are not bailed out or released.  4. If they remain in custody, they will be transported to the main jail for booking.

Time is of essence when a family or friend is arrested by the Oxnard Police Department, so calling a local bail bonds agent is essential to expedite the process. As soon as you know someone is arrested by Oxnard Police, call 805-641-2245 to immediately determine the charges, bail amount and posting bail at the station will reduce the time your family or friend remains in custody.

Bail Blog

Posted on November 4, 2013 at 12:43 PM Comments comments ()
Learn more about bail and other legal questions that come up, including what to do when a family or friend is arrested.